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Back in Action!    RUSA has now opened rides of up to 600K starting September 1.   A Covid19 pandemic policy is required.  Please see below for details. 

Effective immediately and until further notice, the following pandemic safe riding procedure will be observed for all bicycle rides of RUSA administered by the AL-BHM region, also known informally as the "Alabama Randonneurs." The policy may be rescinded at such time as the pandemic is declared to be over by cognizant authorities who may lift general public safety restrictions at that time.

1.) All guidance and requirements of duly appointed civil authorities will be followed. The RBA will update guidance to the riders as these requirements are imposed, modified, or relieved by the authorities based on current pandemic conditions.

2.) Events will be limited in ridership to the number of persons allowed at an outdoor event by authorities. Currently, that number is 10. Should more than 10 riders apply, starting times will be staggered by one hour for separate groups of 10 or less. Riders will not start any event if they have a fever, are coughing or otherwise feel unwell. The RBA may send any rider home who appears to be ill. Events will use routes that are entirely within the state of Alabama, since requirements of neighbor states may vary based on pandemic conditions there. Some states require quarantine for travelers from outside the state as well.

3.) Events will start/end at venues with sufficient parking space to allow cyclists all of whom are required to park in alternating spaces, or greater apart. Face coverings will be carried by all riders and worn as a minimum: when preparing/stowing gear in the parking lot, when entering any public enclosed space such as a restroom or store, or any other location where other individuals may be stopped, resting, etc. Face covering will be a pre-ride check item along with other RUSA mandated items such as lights and reflective gear. Face covering will comply with legal requirements in effect at the time of the event.

4.) Drafting other cyclists while riding is not permitted. Riders shall maintain a distance of one bicycle length for every 3 mph of pace or fraction thereof as a minimum.(+/- 25' at 15 mph for example based on a typical bike).  Passing other riders shall be done with a minimum of 6' of lateral space. Blowing one's nose ("snot rockets"), or spitting while riding is prohibited.  Stop and use a cloth or tissue for this purpose if/when needed. cough into the crook of one's elbow if needed.  Take any other reasonable measures to control the distribution of droplets containing any pathogen from your respiratory system into the air that other riders may be breathing. 

5.) Riders will report observed violators of this policy to the RBA for follow-up.  Violators will be warned by the RBA. A 2nd offense may result in exclusion from AL  RUSA events during the pandemic.

6.) Riders will register online at  Registration requires payment online. No cash will be accepted at the ride.  A check may be presented which will be handled later with gloves for processing. Riders will download and sign the waiver and bring to the ride start where they will deposit in an envelope provided. Waivers will remain in the envelope until no longer needed and then thrown out. Cue sheets will be downloaded and printed out by the riders.

7.) Proof of Passage Each rider will be responsible for providing proof of passage in the form of a signature and time and photo of the control that they may enter themselves, or the answering of an info control. A gps track link can also be submitted as EPP in lieu of paper to avoid passing of germs.

8.) DNF:  As is our policy If the rider decides to abandon it will be up to the rider to notify the organizer of their intention then secure their own way back to the start.

Rides in our Club
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  • Sat 16 Oct
    Bonifay 400K Knight's Inn - Bonifay
    ACP 400
    Members: $30.00
    Guests: $30.00
    3 registered
  • Sat 06 Nov
    Seven Bridges and Red Tails 200K John Hall Store - Cecil
    RUSA Brevet
    Members: $10.00
    Guests: $0.01
    2 registered
  • Sat 11 Dec
    Union Springs Metric Populaire John Hall Store - Cecil
    RUSA 100
    Members: $10.00
    2 registered

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